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The Irvine Club are excited to launch the 2016 Irvine Club Summer Match Play tournament raising awareness for Bowel Cancer.

The winner of the tournament will be presented with the Irvine Club Trophy.

Please see the following PDF for the tournament draw and deadline for the matches.

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Matchplay four ball better ball.  Players to agree on matchplay format prior to commencing play.  Our suggested format is as follows:

Net off from the lowest handicap. The lowest marker reverts to scratch and gives strokes to the higher markers, eg A is on a 4 handicap, B on 8, C on 12 and D on 27. A receives no strokes, B gets 4 strokes, C gets 8 strokes and D gets 23 strokes, irrespective of who is A’s partner. Use matchplay index and stroke play. All those knocked out in round have the option to enter into the Plate Tournament.


The challenger (first named group), must provide a minimum of three dates to the opponent (of which at least two must be on a weekend).  The challenger is also responsible for selecting the golf course. 


All matches must be played by the deadline. In the event that the tie cannot be played by the deadline, the challenger will go through (assuming a minimum of three dates were provided to the other team).  Ties can be extended under special circumstances as agreed with the Organiser and a substitute player can be called upon under exceptional circumstances and to be agreed by the Organiser. 


Full official handicaps to be used.  The Irvine Club can assist players to get a handicap if required.


Tournament Final and Golf Day
The Irvine Club is  arranging a designated course for the final and we invite all players back to compete for prizes on the day and support the finalists.  


Please contact Cameron Gray on 0413 694 222 or Mark Butler on 0418 778 899 or by email on when you have completed your tie or if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

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